“They Lurk” featured on MetalSucks!

The new Godless Angel album, “They Lurk”, received great praise in a feature on MetalSucks!

“They Lurk is Godless Angel’s fifth album, and it’s absolutely his most developed one yet. Neibarger has brewed up a sonic stew of influences from classic death metal — a lot of classic DM — and beyond, with the groove of Morbid Angel, the brutality of Nile, the sophistication of Death and the evil vibes of Slayer all showing their ugly heads. It’ll make a damn fine soundtrack to your work day on this gloomy winter morning.”

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Godless Angel releases new album, “They Lurk”!

Atomic Zombie Records presents “They Lurk”, the fifth release from the Lawrence, Kansas based one man death metal machine, Godless Angel. Formed in 2012 by vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, Derek Neibarger, Godless Angel has evolved from an old school death metal throwback to a progressive death metal beast, incorporating death, groove, thrash, doom, and horror inspired lyrcs.
In 1973, Osage County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a domestic disturbance call on a family farm outside of Overbrook, Kansas. They discovered the bodies of Marie Swafford and her son, Jay. Husband and father, Walter Swafford, was nowhere to be found, leaving three year old June as the lone survivor.
“They Lurk” explores the local mythology behind these grisly murders over four chapters of blistering, progressive death metal.
“They Lurk” can be streamed and downloaded (for name-your-price) on the Atomic Zombie Records Bandcamp page:

https://atomiczombierecords.bandcamp.com/album/they-lurkthey lurk cover tite

The All New Atomic Zombie Records Bandcamp Page!

Atomic Zombie Records is proud to announce the Atomic Zombie Records Bandcamp page! All Atomic Zombie artists will now be available for streaming and download from one location! The new site will launch with releases from Godless Angel and Unholy Diver. In the near future we will be adding new music from Wretched Spawn, Morbid Zombie, Nuclear Abyss, and Gore Stained!